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Raising money for worthy causes can sometimes be very frustrating, but it can also be great fun.   It has been a busy few weeks for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

Cycling for charity

Cycling for charity

Our scientists continue with the research and we have some recent successful grant applications for one or two specific projects.   On the community side, we have fantastic staff members raising funds for us in various independent events and during our 1in2Day university fundraising day we collected in around £2.5K from colleagues baking, eating, cycling, running and entertaining their teddy bears – all for money.


We have a concert this weekend (Karl Jenkins, The Peacemakers) which will help to raise awareness of the centre and some funds into the bargain, and then we start to get in geared up for our annual run ( in April.

As I sit here writing, it is actually Comic Relief Day, I see people across campus running round in red t-shirts and I have been persuaded that at some point later in the day I should have my face painted for money!  All this  concentrates the mind on the whole subject of raising funds for charity.  Most of us have a charity ‘button’, that feeling or cause which when pressed prompts us to reach for our wallets, key in a text code or don a pair of trainers and go the extra mile.  It might be the Arts, the Green agenda, it could be animal related, a cancer charity or about young people;  in my case I support a number of diverse causes, including a youth organisation, our fantastic local producing theatre and of course the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

I spend most of my time, both professionally and personally, raising funds for my favourite causes and I do feel good about what I do, most of the time.   But my big challenge is, how to encourage others to take on the same causes.   There are around 190,000 registered charities in the UK – so it is a competitive arena, the key is to have a compelling message, a story that resonates with your audience and evidence that what you are doing is making a real difference.

Spending time with my inspirational colleagues at the centre, I believe passionately that we can save millions of lives and improve the quality of live for both cancer sufferers and their families, if we can raise the funding to keep the research going.

So if you want the feel-good factor, please hear what my colleagues have to say in the various videos on this site, and check out the Donate page.   We would love to hear from you and perhaps see you join us for some of our forthcoming events, like runNTU.   I will be there cheering people across the finish line and there will definitely be a lot of good feeling around that day.

I hope to see you there.





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