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From the heart – a patient’s perspective


The bomb shell burst in 2005 at the age of 59. I had advanced prostate cancer; a PSA of 760 and extensive bone metastases. I was given 18 -30 months to live with a rapidly decreasing quality of life. The outlook couldn’t be more bleak.

Turtle Finisher

Why I did a 5k run for charity?


It is not every day that I’m greeted just before 12 noon on a Saturday to the sight of someone in a  penguin costume doing face painting and another person dressed as a carrot but then that is runNTU for you
 The runNTU is now in its third ye

Dedication makes all the difference


Speed isn’t everything
Last Saturday we held our third annual runNTU event on the Clifton campus at Nottingham Trent. The start and finish line was a stone’s throw from the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre .

On your marks, get set

runNTU – Top tips


7 tips for doing a 5K run
Before running the runNTU in 2012 I had never taken part in a sponsored sporting event of any kind, but, after the run I felt so great and it was such an enjoyable day that I had no second thoughts about signing up again for

A Night in the West End


In the cause of cracking the cancer code, Nottingham Trent University staged a memorable fund-raising concert featuring around 200 performers.

Photo by David Baird (

Magical Musical Moments


The NTU Choir teamed up with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to present a  musical extravaganza recently.  Along with West End Star Kerry Ellis they gave the audience at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham a Night in the West End.

Cakes 1 in 3 day 2014

1 in 3 Day – Fun & Frolics


I love my job, I get to have fun as well as doing something worthwhile and rewarding. Today we had our annual 1 in 3 Day – this represents the rather scary statistic that at least one in three of us will develop some form of cancer in our lifetime.