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Mass spec

Cancer, Proteins and Mass Spec


When I first started working at the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre, I had very little understanding what cancer was, or how it was researched,  let alone the type of equipment used in the process.

Green Impact Awards 2014

Scientists or Environmentalists?


Bronze Award
The NTU Green Impact scheme challenges university departments to implement a number of easy practical actions to help the environment.

Turtle Finisher

Why I did a 5k run for charity?


It is not every day that I’m greeted just before 12 noon on a Saturday to the sight of someone in a  penguin costume doing face painting and another person dressed as a carrot but then that is runNTU for you
 The runNTU is now in its third ye

Dedication makes all the difference


Speed isn’t everything
Last Saturday we held our third annual runNTU event on the Clifton campus at Nottingham Trent. The start and finish line was a stone’s throw from the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre .

Cancer research centre in funds plea


Help raise funds for Nottingham Trent University’s cancer centre

A MAJOR fundraising drive has been launched for a Nottingham cancer research centre.