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Welcome to 2016 everyone! We hope you all had a lovely indulgent Christmas break and have entered to the new year in good spirit. Unfortunately it’s back to work and normality now and this is the time of year where new year’s resolutions are being made left right and centre. (Let’s not mention that they are also being broken left, right and centre already – chocolate anyone?!). Why not give yourself a little extra motivation this year by hosting your own new year’s challenge in your workplace?


The challenge is simple, just make your new year’s resolution then grab a few friends or colleagues and get their resolutions. Next create a chart containing your resolutions for example:



Every time you break your resolution, you put your penalty amount in the pot! At the end of the year donate all the money to our lifesaving research. It couldn’t really be more simple, plus it’s an excellent motivational technique to help you to keep your resolutions!

If you want to take up this challenge with some friends please email and we will deliver you a lovely money box to collect your money in.

Of course if you fancy doing your own individual challenge outside the office in 2016 – say climbing the 3 peaks or running 5k, we’d love to hear about it too.

Happy new year all!

Becky Tolputt (Community Fundraising Assistant)

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