Institute of Directors £10 Challenge!

Institute of Directors £10 Challenge!


blog cakesOver the past two weeks there has been an abundance of fundraising activities going on around Nottingham. Two hundred students didn’t just collectively wake up one morning and decide to fundraise out of the goodness of their own hearts, as much as we would have liked that. In fact it was for the Institute of Directors £10 challenge (IoD). The IoD is an organisation that gives access to a range of business professionals, meet potential employers and investors for start-ups.

Last year the £10 challenge was run for the first time with the IoD students. Two hundred students were split into 49 groups and all given £10. They had ten days to turn the £10 into a profit, with all proceeds going to The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre. It raised an impressive £3,700 in ten days and was carried on this year.

However, this year a business mentor was introduced to each group to support and offer guidance. It was obvious that the mentors were just as competitive as the students from the word go! After the launch night the majority of groups already had JustGiving sites set up and had an abundance of ideas on how to raise money.

Some of the ideas included:

- Raffles                       - 12 hour bike ride

- Cake sales                  - Photo booth at local night clubs

- Xbox game nights         - Leg waxing

- Film nights                  - Head shaving

- Cleaning houses           -Mini golf

- Human fruit machines

There were so many wonderful and creative ideas all going on within the ten day period it was difficult to keep on top of what everyone was up to! But the bit everyone wants to know, the total raised was an impressive £13,394.43! That is almost £10,000 over last years total! We couldn’t be prouder of every single student and mentor whose efforts really show in this figure.

The winners
This year we had two teams who raised over £1,000 each so we decided to have two winning teams. Team nine and team nineteen.

Team nine Raised: £1,519.51


This team organised two bar crawls around Nottingham. They sold tickets to the students and got deals for free entry and free drinks. They also held a charity dinner.

Team nineteen Raised: £1,359.11


This team designed two cocktails to sell in a local night club with the profits going to van Geest. They even got the fruit donated by Kerry’s Fruit and Veg! Many nights out were enjoyed as a team we hear.

It’s been an enjoyable experience for all involved and Professor Bob Reese the director of The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre was present to give out the prizes and give thanks.

Georgina Phillips, (Employability Programme Coordinator) expressed how she was, “extremely proud of what the students have achieved through the challenge and I hope it leads on to successful applications for placements and graduate jobs.”

The mentors also enjoyed the challenge it seems. You can read there write ups below.

It is truly incredible what a group of students can do when a little competition is involved. We have some promising entrepreneurs at Nottingham Trent University. The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre would like to thank everyone involved once again.


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