In the Press

Having fun will aid city’s pioneering cancer work

Businesses are being urged to help support crucial work being done in Nottingham to improve the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

A Night in the West End


In the cause of cracking the cancer code, Nottingham Trent University staged a memorable fund-raising concert featuring around 200 performers.

Cancer research centre in funds plea


Help raise funds for Nottingham Trent University’s cancer centre

A MAJOR fundraising drive has been launched for a Nottingham cancer research centre.

Radio GaGa


Last Sunday I was a guest on BBC Radio Nottingham’s John Holmes show and spent an hour my life and career and the research we undertake at the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

Thousands of breast cancer sufferers carry ‘survival’ protein


The Centre hit the news both online and in print in the Telegraph today; having discovered that around 60 per cent of women carry high levels of a protein known as ‘DACH1’ and are likely to survive even without aggressive treatment.