FAB in name and nature


Fab Fundraisers
The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre  has many collaborations with a variety of different organisations.  But our relationship with patient support groups is particularly important to us.

Persistence is my Middle Name


My name is Gary Steele and I have been the Chairman of the Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group since I started it in May 2000.

All in a Good Cause

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Get set…..
We have recently had our annual runNTU – a 5k run with the option of a 1.

Impressions on a Fun Run


One of our faster scientists
As part of a whirlwind first week at the John van Geest centre, I made the decision to spend a few hours of my time on Saturday for the runNTU event, our annual 5K sponsored run to raise funds for the cen

The Feel-Good Factor


Raising money for worthy causes can sometimes be very frustrating, but it can also be great fun.   It has been a busy few weeks for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

1 in 2 of us will get cancer

What a difference a week makes.


I have just had one of the busiest weeks since I started working for this wonderful organisation.

Mass spec

Cancer, Proteins and Mass Spec


When I first started working at the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre, I had very little understanding what cancer was, or how it was researched,  let alone the type of equipment used in the process.


From the heart – a patient’s perspective


The bomb shell burst in 2005 at the age of 59. I had advanced prostate cancer; a PSA of 760 and extensive bone metastases. I was given 18 -30 months to live with a rapidly decreasing quality of life. The outlook couldn’t be more bleak.

Cycling for charity

5 tips for doing a sponsored bike ride


A few weeks ago I did a 25 mile sponsored bike ride to raise money for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

Fab Food

Raising Profile with Paella


Doing nice things for the community and raising money and awareness at the same time is a great way to spend time.   The lovely Neil and Linda Kelso, owners of the Victoria Hotel in Beeston have been doing just that for over a year now.

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