An Early Christmas Gift from Castle Rock

An Early Christmas Gift from Castle Rock


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The Castle Rock clan went all out in November with a chain wide charity month cleverly branded as #BROvember. The various pubs across Nottingham all did their bit to help promote the centre and raise money in support of our work.

The brewery located behind The Vat and Fiddle in Nottingham City Centre produced 10,000 pints of Walrus beer to sell on tap in all their pubs. If you managed to get a pint of this warm flavoursome tipple you were lucky as all 10,000 pints sold out in record time. Twenty pence from each pint sold was donated to the centre, which for those of you who aren’t that quick with maths, that’s a whopping £2000 for the van Geest!


The pubs didn’t stop there! Each pub undertook their own personal fundraising activities – the variety was amazing to see! The Poppy and Pint put on a wonderful combination of cake, beer and live music from acoustic musician Mark James as part of their charity night. Other pubs sold speciality dishes for the month and of course there were more than a few raffles.  The Bread and Bitter pub put on a whole Beer Festival with 20p from each pint sold across all the beer going to van Geest!

It’s been a pleasure to work with Castle Rock Brewery and we hope to continue working together in the future. Liv Auckland who leads the BROvember charity month decided to support van Geest after visiting the Centre. “There was no doubt that Castle Rock wanted to support the work of the van Geest team. We decided to re-focus our fundraising efforts and support this local and deserving charity. We launched ‘BROvember’ and bit by bit the numbers totted up, thanks to the generosity of our customers. We were thrilled when the final figure came through! It’s been a huge pleasure to give back to these incredible scientists and thank them for everything they do.”

In total the pubs and the loyal Ale drinkers across the UK raised an impressive £3,554.14 for The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre. Certainly an early Christmas gift! Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in this fantastic month. Our work into early diagnosis and treatment of Cancer will only be helped with this generous gift – and it shows perfectly that any business can make a difference to our vital Cancer Research.

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Becky Tolputt, Community Giving Assistant


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