Top five tips for your pupillage interview

Top five tips for your pupillage interview



You’ve got your foot in the door and secured that all important pupillage interview. What can you do to make sure it goes well?

Tom Sherrington, a Nottingham Law School BPTC graduate and pupil at Kenworthy’s Chambers gives us his top five tips for pupillage interview success.


1.  Know your application.
Go into an interview knowing what you put on your application form backwards. Many questions are based on it.

2. Pause to think.
NEVER blurt out an answer! Logical answers work. Bad answers are lethal. Nothing wrong with pausing to think.

3. Don’t make things up.
If you don’t know the answer to specific questions, better to say so. Making it up very rarely works.

4. What would you change in law and why?
Expect a question about what you would change in law and why. Rehearse your answer and think of possible follow ups.

5. Keep up-to-date.
Look up recent developments in the law. Watch some Supreme Court judgments. Talk about them, but know them if you do!


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