Top 5 tips for your pupillage application

Top 5 tips for your pupillage application

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Getting pupillage is tough, so how do you tackle that first step and craft a successful pupillage application?

We spoke to Tom Sherrington, a Nottingham Law School BPTC graduate and current pupil at Kenworthy’s Chambers for his advice.

Here are Tom’s top 5 pupillage application tips:


1. Make yourself stand out.
CVs are all similar at this level. Make what is different about you stand out, but keep it relevant!

2. Be selective.
Be selective where you apply. It is difficult to juggle lots of areas and lots of sets. You won’t be able to please them all!

3. Proofread.
Proofread your applications. Spelling mistakes show sloppiness and laziness, not great barrister skills. Just do it.

4. Show your advocacy skills.
Applications are a form of written advocacy. This is a chance for you to show your skills before interview. A useful tool.

5. Use the word limit.
Don’t just concentrate on the questions in applications. There is a big word limit on the experience and other sections for a reason.


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