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Why is it an advantage for law students to do pro bono work?


Written by Mathew Game, Supervising Solicitor in the Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre.
On the face of it this seems a fairly simple question to answer. Most students I have spoken to on this topic provide a fairly generic response.

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One week on since the referendum…


As Michael Gove enters the Tory leadership race and Boris Johnson departs stage left, the only thing that is clear in the wake of last Thursday’s momentous events is just how unclear everything is.

Dual LLM second cohort

Second Cohort Starts New Dual LLM Programme


9 September 2015 saw the start of the second cohort of the Dual LLM programme at the Grotius Building, home of the Faculty of Law at Radboud University Nijmegen.


Walkabout Down Under: NLS Academic Visits Australia


Professor David Burdette, Director of the Centre for Business and Insolvency Law (CBIL) at the Nottingham Law School, recently paid a visit to academic institutions and collaborative partners in Australia, including the Queensland University of Techn


Police hate crime challenges examined in new report


An independent study into the policing of hate crime has for the first time investigated the perspectives of police officers and the issues they face, revealing that more support from external agencies is needed.


Global policy on sexual violence needed to reach G20 goal of increasing women in employment


A global policy and uniform laws on sexual violence are needed to help reach the G20 goal of increasing the number of women in employment, according to a new paper which examines the links between sexual violence towards women and economic growth.

CBIL team

Nottingham Insolvency Conference hailed a success


The Centre for Business and Insolvency Law recently welcomed a return visit by the INSOL Europe Academic Forum to Nottingham. Following in the footsteps of a successful collaboration in 2012, a second joint conference was held on 25-26 June 2015.

Dr Samantha Pegg, senior lecturer in law at Nottingham Law School, asks how far we should go to clamp down on homelessness and begging.


ASBOs, those civil orders that sought to prevent a particular behaviour, have now been replaced with a number of measures.

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The Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Law Society: a case of the tail wagging the dog?


It is a story that affects few people, concerns a specialist area of legal practice and is unlikely to grip the attention of the nation in the run up to the General Election.

Houses of Parliament

NTU experts offer General Election insight and analysis


Millions of people across the UK will head to the polling stations on 7 May for what promises to be one of the most unpredictable General Elections of the modern era.

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