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Why is it an advantage for law students to do pro bono work?


Written by Mathew Game, Supervising Solicitor in the Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre.
On the face of it this seems a fairly simple question to answer. Most students I have spoken to on this topic provide a fairly generic response.


My Advice for First Year Law Students


Written by Christopher Neale
Over the course of three years at Nottingham Law School (NLS), I have participated in numerous activities and events. Below is a summary of my advice for a first-year law student from the experience I’ve had.


NLS Legal Advice Centre: Working towards access to justice for all


Over the summer, Nottingham Law School’s Legal Advice Centre signed up to the Law Society’s Pro Bono Charter (

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How to Write a Successful Job Application


It seems to be around that time of year again when everyone around you is panicking about their “next big career move”.

Nottingham Law School

Help! How do I show I have the skills to get a job?


Having legal work experience such as vacation schemes, shadowing and pro bono projects is, of course, a great idea and provides plenty to discuss when applying for jobs.

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Top 5 tips for your pupillage application


Getting pupillage is tough, so how do you tackle that first step and craft a successful pupillage application?
We spoke to Tom Sherrington, a Nottingham Law School BPTC graduate and current pupil at Kenworthy’s Chambers for his advice.

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My Work Placement in America: The Public Defender’s Office


Natasha Ward, LLB (Hons) Law (Full-time)
The amazing opportunity to intern at the Public Defender’s Office was offered by Nottingham Law School as part of the Law in Practice Module, available for final year students to study.

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10,000 hours of free legal advice for Notts as Centre celebrates first birthday


Nottingham Law School’s Legal Advice Centre has celebrated its first birthday, after providing more than 10,000 hours of free advice to the local community in its first twelve months.

Learning on the job: students may soon have their own firm to give legal help in a real-life setting


Nottingham Law School is hoping to turn its Legal Advice Centre into a teaching law firm so that students can gain experience of professional practice, including fee earning, in the same way that medical students do at teaching hospitals.


Why choose Nottingham Law School?

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As the daughter of a fish factory manager who spent many a school holiday working on Grimsby docks, university seemed completely out of my reach! I was however, fortunate enough  to have a fantastic A-level Law tutor at sixth form college who not on

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