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Extending a hand of friendship to Asylum seekers


Asylum law in the United Kingdom poses a double edged sword which can either protect or return the individual back to potential harm.

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Comment: EU workplace headscarf ruling


The European Court of Justice recently ruled that employers may ban employees from the wearing of any visible “political, philosophical or religious sign” as long as it is part of an internal company policy which applies to all employees.

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Why plans to remove African migrants are legally and morally flawed.


Dr Helen O’Nions, Nottingham Law School
The International right to seek and enjoy asylum found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is now under considerable threat.

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Repugnant Detention: A response

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Whilst politicians may reassure us that measures such as Control Orders and TPims were introduced to protect the innocent from the atrocities witnessed in New York, London and Madrid, the erosion of the Rule of Law and concepts which are supposed cor

Seminar presentation

Successful Islamic face veil seminar held at Nottingham Law School


Nottingham Law School’s Centre for Conflict, Rights and Justice and Centre for Advocacy hosted their seminar, Perspectives on the Islamic Face Veil on Monday 30 April.

Hundreds of refugees dead in the Mediterranean and still Europe won’t act


At least 300 people are thought to have died in the Mediterranean as yet another group of migrants attempted the dangerous crossing to Europe.


Islamic face veil legal and human rights issues to be debated at Nottingham Law School


The Islamic veil has become the subject of intense controversy across Europe in recent years against a backdrop of a ‘crisis in multiculturalism’, religious radicalisation, growth in Islamophobia and international conflict.


The oppression of women


The ancient Sanskrit text, the Vedas, assigned a high place for woman in Indian society who shared an equal standing with men.

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