Second Cohort Starts New Dual LLM Programme

Second Cohort Starts New Dual LLM Programme

Dual LLM second cohort

9 September 2015 saw the start of the second cohort of the Dual LLM programme at the Grotius Building, home of the Faculty of Law at Radboud University Nijmegen. Staff from the Nottingham Law School’s Centre for Business and Insolvency Law, Professor Paul Omar, Dr Alexandra Kastrinou and Mrs Jenny Gant, travelled to Nijmegen to initiate the teaching on this dual programme. It sees students graduate with an award from both institutions (an LLM in European and Insolvency Law from RUN and an LLM in Corporate and Insolvency Law from NUT) and is the fruit of a collaboration between both Law Schools that began in September 2012.

The programme is academically rigorous, but designed to ensure that students are able to complete the requirements for both degrees in the space of a single year. To achieve a successful result, students begin their studies in Nijmegen in the Autumn Term studying European law and finance and security. They then travel to Nottingham in the Spring Term to attend corporate law and insolvency-themed courses, hosted by the Centre for Business and Insolvency Law at Nottingham Law School. In the Summer Term students then complete a long dissertation of publishable quality supervised by staff at both institutions, and which must contain a strong comparative law element. This dissertation is then defended at a viva in the summer.

Alongside their substantive taught courses, students are also required to complete two full-year modules which are largely supported by on-line materials. These two modules are Research Methodology and Comparative Law and Comparative Workout Strategies. In the latter module, students work through the nascent problems of a typical globalized corporate group with strong cross-border elements and present solutions for the restructuring of the business in a simulated court environment. For this module in particular, they are able to apply the substantive material they will have learnt in the two teaching terms on European, commercial, corporate and insolvency law issues.

Both Law Schools hope that the second cohort on this programme will emulate the success of their predecessors and that it will mark a further step in the close cooperation between the two institutions.

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