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Lessons learnt from the University Business Challenge


In today’s world, extra-curriculum activities are becoming ever more crucial. The importance to distinguish ourselves from the legions of possible candidates is paramount to our success.

The construction workers' union UCATT was formed in 1971

The Shrewsbury 24 and secrecy in courts


For decades, street corners and cafés in our cities and towns were full of casual day-labourers waiting for builders to ask them to work. After a full day’s work, they were paid a cash lump sum.

Competition winners Isabel Baylis and Sophia Baig enjoying late night mediation prep snacks

Nottingham Law School Wins The Worshipful Company Of Arbitrators UK Mediation Skills Competition 2014!


About The Competition
The aim of commercial mediation is to reach a settlement between two businesses where the contractual relationship has broken down but they are trying to avoid court.

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England Rugby Selection Policy May Breach EU Law


Fly-half Toby Flood has been dropped from the England rugby union elite squad ahead of this year’s Six-Nations tournament.


Benefits of a placement – Emma Baker, Cartwright King

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The initial decision to study law came when faced with choosing my A-level options. I was confronted with a whole range of new possibilities and decided to take a broad range of subjects to keep my options open.


Tips to launch your legal career


I attended the Lincoln’s Inn Law tutors forum recently and there was plenty of discussion about what students can do to launch a legal career in a competitive job market. Here are the main pieces of advice I took away from the session.

Prison cell bars

Can we really defend refusing prisoners the right to vote?


In a ruling from 2004, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was unlawful for the UK to impose a blanket ban on prisoners to vote in general elections.

David Urpeth, Partner at Irwin Mitchell giving a guest lecture at Nottingham Law school

Guest post by David Urpeth, Irwin Mitchell: Alternate Business Structures – the perfect storm or the perfect opportunity?


Lawyers have often been depicted as conservative, resistant to change and ignorant of modern methods. Indeed, until now, lawyers have not really needed to think strategically.

Flags of the world

International Law, the ‘Requirement to Protect (R2P)’ and the Rule of Law

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Tom Bingham in his book entitled ‘The Rule of Law’ made an argument that Human Rights and Humanitarian Law deserved a special place as a fundamental pillar of the Rule of Law.

How I became a Law Teacher – Colleen Smith


My first interest in the law, didn’t come from studying A levels but from a business course! When I left school I did not want to take traditional A Levels , I wanted to undertake a practical business course as I wanted to work in retail managemen

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