NTU Alumna on National TV

NTU Alumna on National TV

NTU Alumna on National TV

Sarah Jane Lenihan
Senior Family Solicitor

Yesterday was a first for me in my career (and hopefully the first of many to come) appearing in front of the bright lights at Channel 5 Studio giving my thoughts on the recommendations of Age UK on the divorce process in respect of pensions.

My aim was to raise awareness that despite the report recommending that it should be compulsory for pensions to be taken into account in the divorce process to make it clear that they are and it is probably those who do not formalise their agreements in respect of their finances via the Court who are ‘losing out’ as the report suggests. The conclusion of my interview was that those going through separation should take legal advice as soon as possible to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Individuals will often avoid taking advice to cut costs which in the long run can lead to them losing out. There is a reason we as Solicitors spend so long studying and that is to be experts in our area of law. I spent my first three years of my studies (2004-2007) at Nottingham Trent University which provided me with a really good basis of law to start my career. I loved every minute of my course and knew that my dream from the age of 15 to be a Solicitor was one step closer.

I now work for the largest specialist family law firm in the UK, Stowe Family Law, as a Senior Solicitor at our office in London Victoria and I can say hand on heart that I enjoy every day.  I cannot mislead you that it is easy or quick process getting to this point after my degree, it required a year at Law School and a two year training contract with a Law firm. We were told when making applications for every one training contract place there were 200 applicants so I realised early on it was important that I stood out from the crowd.

At every school/university break I undertook work experience at law firms/barristers chambers/ prisons/ law centres/ charities and inside Local Authorities. I believe this made me stand out from the crowd and actually lead to my last work experience before I finished law school offering me a training contract. It also enabled me to be sure that the area of law I chose, Family, was right for me. (I actually at first thought I wanted to do criminal but following some prison work I decided it was not right for me)

Working in family law is very people focused and makes every day so different. I enjoy meeting new people and finding a solution for them, which often they feel is an impossible situation when they first walk into our office.

If you want to know more about life as a Family Solicitor or training then please feel free to contact me. I am happy to offer guidance.

Twitter:  @SarahJLenihan

Finally, if you are interested, you can read about my media appearance on The Telegraph website.

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