My Year Abroad: Studying in the Netherlands

My Year Abroad: Studying in the Netherlands

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Vidhya Panchal, LLB (Hons) International Law

“During my course I had the opportunity to study abroad with Erasmus+ for the duration of my third year . I chose Radboud University in the Netherlands because I wanted to study in an English speaking country, and I’d never visited this part of Europe before.

“One of my best decisions I made in my year abroad was becoming a mentor in the second semester. This opened us up to a whole load of new experiences and people. We had meetings before the Orientation Week started which was really nice as we got to know all the other mentors involved, and during the week we took part in activities which included fun events like bowling, going out, international dinners and city tours. This then led to numerous outings and group dinners where a couple of people each week would take it in turn to cook.

“My advice to students planning on studying abroad is to definitely get involved with everything the university has to offer! If I didn’t apply to become a mentor I would have found it difficult to make as many friends because a lot of people leave in the first semester. Also, it’s important to research when choosing a university abroad in regards to accommodation, option choices and the university overall – but don’t research in too much depth, because the stuff I didn’t know made it more exciting when I got here!

“The modules that I picked for my year abroad included four masters modules, which definitely assisted my academic studies. It made me more disciplined in my work and made me realise that if you keep up with the reading, you’ll find preparing for the exams so much easier. Also, the additional year gave me the opportunity to study modules that I wouldn’t have had chance to study otherwise which broadened my knowledge of Law.

“The best thing about the trip was that I became much more confident. Before the year abroad I was extremely shy and quite socially awkward, but going out there taught me a lot about myself and pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

“Finally, I have definitely come back with some lifelong friendships. I still keep in contact with a lot of people and have met up with a few of them a couple of times – when I went interrailing, we knew a student from Erasmus in each country!

“After graduation this year I’m going to travel in the summer whilst looking for a job in the legal sector. I plan to do CILEx at some point, which is an alternative to the Legal Practice Course (LPC), so hopefully after a bit more research I can become a member of that in January. Then after 5-10 years, I plan to move abroad!”


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