Mock Employment Tribunal Helps Business Bosses Prepare ...

Mock Employment Tribunal Helps Business Bosses Prepare and Plan

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An interactive mock employment tribunal has been held in the courtroom at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, to raise awareness of legislative changes for businesses.

Nottingham-based HR and employment law specialist, Your HR Lawyer, hosted the event to showcase the challenges companies could face if they are involved in an employment tribunal.

Business bosses and students from Nottingham Trent University had the chance to hear a case based on real events, ask questions of the legal team and gain a better understanding of the tribunal process.

Nottingham Law School student, Kate Chattaway said: “With a keen interest in Employment Law, this experience allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of an employment tribunal from the setting and venue to the etiquette and formalities.

“Your HR Lawyer prepared a bundle ofdocuments used in a tribunal and gave the audience time to read these resources to follow the tribunal more clearly. All of the staff, both on and off stage, acted in a professional manner and carefully demonstrated the different roles in an Employment Tribunal.

“I now understand the procedure of an employment tribunal and how it differs from a court setting. I also gained vital exposure to the various roles and common issues of Employment Law.”

The event was organised to help companies prepare for a possible rise in claims after The Supreme Court ruled that fees ranging between £390 and £1,200 for bringing a claim against an employer, are now unlawful.

This means that employees seeking to bring a claim against their employer will not have to pay and the government will have to repay up to £32 million to existing claimants.

Laura Evans, associate solicitor at Your HR Lawyer, said the event would help employers start to prepare and plan for claims that may come their way.

“Events like this are important as they give people real insight into the workings of an employment tribunal – something you wouldn’t usually get to see.

“It was great to see such a mix of delegates from a variety of different sectors and we hope they all left with a better understanding of what to expect should things ever go wrong. They can now take this knowledge with them and use it to become better people managers and business owners.”

Laura added: “We are also keen to support those future employment lawyers out there so it was good to see a team of law students from Nottingham Trent University also at the event.”

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