LEX Student Law Society and Shoosmiths Annual Negotiati...

LEX Student Law Society and Shoosmiths Annual Negotiation Competition


Written by Alexandria Chang, LEX Student Law Society Negotiation Officer

Congratulations Sam Robinson and Lewis Moore on winning the 2017- 18 Annual   Student Law Society (LEX) and Shoosmiths Negotiation Competition. Read more on the competition as the next academic year approaches and get involved.

Rick Thomas, an Alumni of NTU, founded the annual competition four years ago as he had previously experienced the challenges of obtaining work experience within the legal field. Rick continues his commitment to the competition within his current career at Shoosmiths.

The competition not only provides students with the opportunity to gain experience but also the chance to win the brilliant prize of work experience at Shoosmiths.

This year’s competition involved an initial workshop held in October. The workshop gave students the competition details and introduced them to negotiating, allowing them to develop this vital skill and sign up to participate within the competition.

The introductory workshop included speeches from the previous winners about their experience. Rick also gave some top tips on how to be a successful negotiator! The workshop was a huge success with over 50 students signing up to participate within the competition.

The first round of the competition was judged by myself (Alexandria Chang, as the LEX Negotiation Officer), Gemma Grant (LEX Competitions Clerk) and Joy Davies (NLS Lecturer and Director of The Centre of Mediation). The standard of all those participating was extremely high. It was a fantastic evening and great to see so many students engaging in extra-curricular activities to enhance their skills.

Shoosmiths Nottingham Office hosted the final rounds. The  judging was conducted by qualified solicitors and partners of Shoosmiths. There was also the opportunity for students to observe the negotiations and network with Shoosmiths Solicitors.

The final round took place on Thursday 30 November 2017 and the finalists had to negotiate a deal for 20 minutes, acting on behalf of their clients to achieve the most desirable result. There were many points that needed conceding, however acknowledging the time constraint, the finalists had to use their initiative to ensure all points were covered.

After this round the winners were announced – Congratulations and well done to Sam Robinson, Legal Practice Course (LPC) Student and Lewis Moore, Year Two LLB Student the winners of the 2017-2018 competition. Both gaining work experience at Shoosmiths in their chosen practice area.

Joy Davies and Judith Ward (Head of Department at NLS) attended the evening and kindly awarded the finalists with their trophies, medals and personalised hoodies.

Lewis Moore commented “I loved competing in the negotiation competition. I learnt some great skills which I’m sure will be extremely useful for further commitments, or employment that I may enter in the future.

I also got great feedback from the academics involved which further helped my development of skills. I would highly recommend the competition to anyone wanting to further themselves.”

Sam Robinson commented “I thought it was a great opportunity to gain some practical experience of legal negotiation which is something that is not specifically covered on the LPC.

The whole process was really well organised by LEX and Shoosmiths and in spite of the sometimes comic scenario names and audience, it felt like a genuine negotiation. I’d say to anybody who is a bit nervous about doing it, that everyone I met during the competition was really friendly and approachable. Working in pairs also helps to take some of the pressure off. Especially as there is someone else to speak if you get a bit tongue-tied. It’s certainly something I’d recommend getting involved in.”

I would recommend partaking or observing in the competition as it is a great way to develop the vital skill of negotiating, enhance your public speaking, communication and confidence. Make sure you are following LEX to keep updated!

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