Introducing the new Student Pro Bono Committee for 2017...

Introducing the new Student Pro Bono Committee for 2017-18

Nottingham Law School National Pro Bono Week 2017 Celebrations

Introducing the new Student Pro Bono Committee for 2017-18

The Nottingham Law School Student Pro Bono Committee (‘the Committee’) are a group of students that have been selected to represent the students that undertake pro bono work in the Legal Advice Centre (‘the Centre’).

The main aims of the Committee are to:

  •  Help further engage volunteers at the Centre.
  • Act as a bridge of communication between students on different pro bono projects and give feedback to Centre staff.
  • Provide opportunities for students on the various pro bono projects offered at the Centre to integrate and socialise with one another.
  • Take a lead role in various Centre initiatives including fundraising, marketing and event planning.
  • Have a key role in the development of the Centre and its activities.

We are pleased to introduce the new Committee members for this academic year:

  • Katie Bond, Legal Practice Course (LPC) Student
  • Gemma Grant, Third year LLB Law Student
  • Kennedy Kay, Third year LLB Law student
  • Olivia Kettleborough, Third year LLB Law with Criminology student
  • Olivia Roberts, LPC student
  • Billy Shaw, LPC student.

Every student this year’s  Committee has experience of doing pro bono work.  All of them have been involved in one or more pro bono projects with the Centre. These projects include the Legal Advice Centre Rota and Drop-in sessions, the Outreach Advice Project, the Miscarriage of Justice Project and many more.

Gemma Grant is the Pro Bono Officer for the Nottingham Trent University LEX Student Law Society (LEX) which in turn has facilitated communication between the Centre and LEX. This will be incredibly helpful as it will bring together two big parts of Nottingham Law School and it will help  the ‘marketing and organising events’ aim of the Committee.

This year’s  Committee were set up in October 2017 and they have already been heavily involved with the Centre. Through the Committee’s work, Nottingham Law School became one of the first university law schools to sign up to this year’s ‘Law School Challenge’ fundraising initiative. Fundraising ideas for the Challenge are already being actioned, so watch this space!

The Committee have volunteered and helped organise, the Centre Open Day Event, which  took place last week as part of National Pro Bono Week 2017. Members of the Committee showed students around the Centre and spoke to them about the many pro bono projects on offer and the benefits of volunteering. The aim of this was to encourage the students  to come to the Centre’s next recruitment lecture and get involved.

The Committee have now signed up to the Law School Challenge, they have until March 2018 to organise fundraising events such as: charity runs, bake sales and even a pub quiz! The Law School Challenge raises money for charities: LawWorks and Bar Pro Bono Unit  who support the facilitation of free legal advice and raise awareness of the services available to the public. The first event is a Bake Sale that will take place on Thursday 30 November from 11 am to 3 pm.  Come along and buy a sweet treat — all the money we raise will go towards the charities.

Members of the Committee have recently attended the LawWorks Student Pro Bono Conference in Manchester, where the Centre Director, Nick Johnson was on the panel discussing new frontiers for student law clinics. The presence of the Committee at the conference advertised Nottingham Law School and its commitment to pro bono, and gave us some good ideas to take forward.

There will be much more to come from the Committee. Their enthusiasm and commitment has already been shown in the work they have done so far.

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