We’re very excited to launch Nottingham Law School’s blog, which we hope will provide an interesting insight into our lively legal community.


We want to give our students and staff the chance to share, debate and explore their experiences and comment on the legal issues of today. This blog provides the perfect opportunity to do this.


We are a Law School with a big reputation and varied areas of expertise, something we will utilise to generate interesting and informed posts on a number of legal topics. Whether you want to get the student perspective on studying law, learn about the latest developments in legal education or explore the finer points of sports or insolvency law, we intend to have something for you here.


We also want to hear from external partners and alumni, so if you have a connection to Nottingham Law School and would like to be involved please get in touch. Email us at nlsblog@ntu.ac.uk 


Happy reading!

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We are a Law School with a big reputation and a vibrant student community.

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