GDL student awarded full fee scholarship

GDL student awarded full fee scholarship

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GDL student, Ojeda Smith, has been awarded a full fee scholarship by one of Bermuda’s leading law-firms, Wakefield Quin. Find out what advice Ojeda would give to students and read about her scholarship.

What advice would you give to other students about to start studying at NTU?

My advice to other students about to start at NTU would be to always be open-minded and take advantage of any opportunity presented to you. I believe university is all about finding yourself and finding what you are passionate about and I believe taking risks is the best way. No outcome is 100% certain; however, without taking risks such as different opportunities/programs which NTU offers, you may never find out what you are truly capable of. So go for it! Even if its joining a society or getting involved with NTSU or even volunteering programs within the Nottinghamshire community; make the most of your time at NTU and I am certain it will make you grow as an individual.

Tell us about your experience working in a law firm in Bermuda and the scholarship you have been offered:

I was awarded a summer internship opportunity at one of Bermuda’s leading law firms, Wakefield Quin. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to obtain useful skills, such as good communication skills, time keeping, judgement, analytical skills, and insight into Bermuda’s court system by being present with a managing partner of the firm regarding various court matters. I recognize that studying law is much different than practicing it, therefore, by being taught the skills which can not necessarily be taught in the classroom is essential and I believe this will enable me to make the most out of the GDL programme.

Since 2015, I have applied for many scholarships; all of which were denied. I lost hope at some points; however, I am a true believer in that everything happens for a reason. Wakefield Quin offered me a Legal Scholarship Award to fund my studies from the 2018/2019 academic year. The Scholarship covers the full tuition which is an incredible honour to my family and I. Wakefield Quin, through its affiliates, provides a full range of legal, fund and trust administration, corporate, secretarial, and accounting and management services.

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What are your plans for the future?

I recognise that pursuing a postgraduate degree in law will always challenge me; however, it is equally rewarding; emotionally and intellectually. In the future, I would like to support people and provide the best legal expertise and services where possible, with a specific focus in Corporate/Commercial Law. I believe the GDL does a fantastic job in preparing me for this challenge. Law offers a wide selection of career options; with the possibilities being endless. I expect that enrichment experiences like this will benefit me by affording me the opportunity to connect with experts in the law field, exchange personal in-sight with my peers and have hands-on, real world experiences, which will provide me with the building blocks for my career.

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