Experience of a placement student

Experience of a placement student


Ever wondered what on earth you wanted to do with your life? Or whether you were choosing the right path? For me choosing what I wanted for dinner was a struggle, so it came as no surprise that after trawling the internet and looking at numerous league tables, I still couldn’t decide where I wanted to go to University or whether law was the right subject to study.


The first time I visited Nottingham Trent University, everything felt right, the location, the people and last but not least the course. After talking to the law lecturers I found out about the LLB Law Sandwich course, this encompassed the normal three years of studying but with an extra bonus of a chance to spend a year working for a law firm. Knowing this was rare opportunity I jumped at the chance to apply and after obtaining my A – levels, I was accepted onto the course.


My first two years flew by in a blur of meeting new people, exams and studying the mandatory topics which included Criminal law, Human Rights and EU law! After finishing the first year with a good grade I was able to proceed with the sandwich course and after six months of placement preparation and workshops, I was given an interview at Cartwright King solicitors and a few nerve wracking days later, I was offered a placement at their Leicester branch.


The first couple of weeks on placement were a blur of new names, faces and experiences. The whole office helped me settle, and in no time I felt at home! I was eased in by attending both Magistrates’ and Crown courts, attending police station interviews and sitting in on client meetings to grasp the legal procedures, and found this to be a lot more interesting than reading a textbook!


Before I knew it I was attending clients, for criminal law and family, to complete legal aid and take instructions, representing the firm at child protection meetings, helping solicitors with trial preparation and managing files in order to comply with deadlines and Court Orders.


Working at Cartwright King has been challenging, eye opening and hard work, but extremely invaluable and something I am glad I have been given the opportunity to do. I have been given a perspective into criminal, family, mental health and immigration law, which has helped me decide on the areas of law that I am interested in.


For my final year at University I have chosen to study criminology, sexuality and the law, critical legal thinking and international criminal justice. Doing my placement year at Cartwright King has enabled me to widen my opportunities after my degree. I plan to go travelling, and then hopefully gain an internship with Amicus International, something which is a lot more realistic thanks to my placement year!


by Charlotte Barnes
Cartwright King Placement Student
Nottingham Law School

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