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The UK’s referendum on EU membership: ‘Brexit’


The result of the vote in the UK’s referendum in June 2016 to leave the EU is not legally binding, but it would be politically difficult for the government to ignore it.

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One week on since the referendum…


As Michael Gove enters the Tory leadership race and Boris Johnson departs stage left, the only thing that is clear in the wake of last Thursday’s momentous events is just how unclear everything is.

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Explainer: what is the EU emergency brake?


Negotiations about the UK’s place in the European Union now seem to hinge on one thing: applying an “emergency brake” to stop certain EU migrants claiming in-work benefits when they move to the UK.

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Q&A: what migrant benefits negotiations between EU and the UK really mean


Behind closed doors in Downing Street, an important meeting is taking place. David Cameron, the British prime minister, is trying to reach a deal to renegotiate the UK’s position in the European Union.

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Why plans to remove African migrants are legally and morally flawed.


Dr Helen O’Nions, Nottingham Law School
The International right to seek and enjoy asylum found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is now under considerable threat.


FIFPro Challenge to Football’s Transfer System is Likely to end in a Score Draw


The announcement by FIFPro, the global union representing football players, that it has launched a legal action against the football transfer system has received substantial media attention.


England’s Home-Based Player Policy is Open to Legal Threat


On the eve of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, The Daily Telegraph has reported that the restriction on players based overseas representing the England Rugby Union team is set to be tightened (RFU to extend its policy of not selecting any overseas-based pla

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