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Legal aid cuts hit even our most prominent

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On Thursday April 10th, 2014 Nigel Evans, MP was cleared by the Crown Court in Preston on nine charges of sexual assault and no doubt, he emerged a very happy man but clearly, once he had overcome the sense of relief, he looked at his legal bill and

The construction workers' union UCATT was formed in 1971

The Shrewsbury 24 and secrecy in courts


For decades, street corners and cafés in our cities and towns were full of casual day-labourers waiting for builders to ask them to work. After a full day’s work, they were paid a cash lump sum.

Prison cell bars

Can we really defend refusing prisoners the right to vote?


In a ruling from 2004, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was unlawful for the UK to impose a blanket ban on prisoners to vote in general elections.

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