“Those who do pro bono stand out by a mile” – Cel...

“Those who do pro bono stand out by a mile” – Celebrating 10 Years of Pro Bono at Nottingham Law School

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Staff, students, alumni, and external supporters of Nottingham Law School (NLS) Pro Bono all gathered at the NLS Legal Advice Centre last Thursday evening (10 November) to celebrate ‘10 Years of Pro Bono at Nottingham Law School’.

Nick Johnson, the current director of Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre, and Stephanie Wright, the ‘Clinic Solicitor’ and Supervisor when the Clinic (as it was then known) opened in 2006 began by sharing their thoughts on the development and progress of pro bono at NLS.

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A number of speakers including former student advisers and volunteers, as well as representatives from external partners within the Nottingham legal community, shared their experiences of the benefits pro bono brings to academic studies, career prospects, and the people of Nottingham, at large.

Sarah Hemingway, barrister at Garden Court Chambers, and BPTC student at NLS 2005-06, noted that:  -Those who do pro bono stand out by a mile…it shows passion’.

Across 2015/16, 300 student opportunities were created across NLS Pro Bono and 216 clients were assisted. In addition, approximately £800,000 has been recovered for clients between 2014 and 2016 in compensation, settlement awards and recovered benefits.

The final word of the evening has to go to Jack McCracken, barrister at Ropewalk Chambers, and NLS student 2010-2012 who urged the audience: ‘If you have the time- do some pro bono work’.

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Callum Scott is a Legal Assistant in the Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre.

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