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Millie Poucher

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Using a manual film camera is like having a creative extension of your own hand. It is superior to digital photography as it encourages you to think about the subject you are capturing, how to compose the scene around you to create an effective final image. I strictly work with film cameras, my preferred choice being the easy to use Pentax K1000, but even disposable cameras create a challenge for the photographer, as the outcome can be just as risky. My work carries a constant theme focusing on the seemingly deprived areas that are local to me, finding the beauty in something many others would disregard instantaneously. It is the freeness to create a serene scene, exciting journey or fictional narrative, including a comedic element within. I include all the components of the camera in my work, and have currently started experimenting with the use of film rolls and negatives, which gives my practice a resourceful touch.

Millie Poucher
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