Mould Making

Mould Making

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I’m Currently in my first year studying Decorative Arts. So far we’ve tried out print, ceramics, embroidery, metal, wood and now glass and mould-making

For this project our brief is to select an everyday object that you can hold in your hand but breathe new life into it.

Basically to be as creative as you can with your everyday object!

I have chosen an old broken camera for my everyday object and so far produced a plaster mould from which I’m going to create a cast from.

DSCF1526compressed DSCF1527compressed DSCF1530compress

For my next step I want to create a silicon mould from it. From then I can create casts of different materials and see the outcome. All a bit of an experiment really.

I really like the idea of a resin, glass even a rubber cast of a camera to see how they would work as a series.

More to come.

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