Miss Nottingham 2012 – Chelcie Mayhew – Eco Dress and Accessories for “Miss England 2012″

Miss Nottingham 2012 – Chelcie Mayhew – Eco Dress and Accessories for “Miss England 2012″

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I created a selection of accessories for Chelcie inspired by the “genius” dress designed and made by a NTU MA student. The dress was cleverly made from 4 charity shop shirts and, as designers, we perpetuated the “Get Shirty with Landfill” message for the Eco Round of Miss England 2012.
My accessories were made using unwanted ties, supermarket fruit packaging and landfill rubbish. I wanted to create a beautiful, haughty and “Modern Victorian” look with a “twist”

This was an exciting and unique opportunity for me to create several “upcycled accessories” especially for Chelcie to be worn by her as Miss Nottingham 2012 in the Eco Rounds of “Miss England 2012″. “Eco Haute Couture”.

Careful preparation of tie veneers quickly transformed an old pair of Chelcie’s AMAZING platforms into a colourful whimsical accessory.

Quirky … effective ….. flattering ! Who’d have thought I’d made this entirely from unwanted components.

This became her preferred fascinator for the evening – it was simple, flattering yet flirtatiously cheeky. It was an honour to have been selected to create accessories and to have my pieces showcased nationally and, potentially, globally.
Inspired further by the muse and the amazing dress, I also designed and created a “bustle” using 4 shirt collars and 2 cufflink cuffs. This worked in harmony with the dress and satisfied Chelcie’s brief for a “Victorian-esque” silhouette. A fab pair of “lace & tie” gloves (made by a fellow FAD student) and a vintage lace parasol supplied by Chelcie, completed the desired look.

Miss Nottingham – Chelcie Mayhew in the “Miss Eco” Round of “Miss England 2012″.
Professional photographs will follow after our next photo shoot at the University.

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