Design Innovation Plastics: Slyce

Design Innovation Plastics: Slyce

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The brief Design a product to help those with physical or cognitive impairments that is also appealing to the mass market. Whether your solution is an answer to an existing problem or something entirely new, the focus should be on creating a design that is innovative, functional and universally appealing. Your idea could exist in any number of settings – from the home to the workplace, from entertainment to the sports field. “

I researched into a how people cut food in kitchen and the safety of it. Most of the time people’s fingers are really close to the food they are cutting and with past experiences from people asked with cutting fingers instead of food I thought to design a tool that would help the safety of cutting and could be used by people with physical impairments.

The design of slyce allows the user to clamp the food between the two walls usingonly there body. All that needs to be done then is to cut the food as you normally would safer.

Slyce animation

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