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My Media Files – Set and Forget or Choose to Use?


To help you make this choice two comparison documents are available for My Media Files comparing Set and Forget with Choose to Use, one is focused on the general aspects around recording, viewing and editing:-
Click on the image to see the guide (Log

My Media Files in NOW

Lecture capture is here with My Media Files


Acting on student feedback from the NTSU, lecture capture equipment has been installed into all teaching rooms with a capacity of at least 50 students. The system is based on audio recording that links to PowerPoint or other visuals.


Technology Tips and Tricks: 29 Adobe Software Applications For Free


Do you record and edit audio files for your online course materials with Adobe Audacity? Or create images using Photoshop or Illustrator? … You have all these applications on your office PC but wish you could have them at home when you a

Technology Tips and Tricks: Taking Screenshots – 3


You may remember previous posts on taking screenshots: how to take screenshots on a Windows PC or laptop and how to take screenshots on Mac or MacBook.
Here is how you can take screenshots on your Android device.

Technology Tips and Tricks: How to Change or Remove Your Staff Photo


When you join NTU your photo from your Staff Card will be displayed in Outlook and Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync).


Technology Tips and Tricks: Taking Screenshots – 2


The last technology tip was on taking screenshots on a Windows PC or laptop. If you have Mac or MacBook, you need to use slightly different methods.

Method 1.

Technology Tips and Tricks: Taking Screenshots – 1


The next couple of posts will be dedicated to taking screenshots.

Technology Tips and Tricks: Getting in Touch With ITS Service Desk


The new academic year has recently started. Staff who have recently joined university may have questions about technologies used at NTU, so I wanted to post a reminder on how colleagues can contact ITS Service Desk with their queries.

Technology Tips and Tricks: When Somebody Else Hasn’t Logged off Your Computer


If your PC or laptop was used by somebody else, for example, when you are hot-desking or job sharing, you may occasionally find that you are not able to log on in the usual way – the screen will display a message stating that another user is logged

Technology Tips and Tricks: Reducing File Size with Compression and Extraction Software


If you need to send a large file or a set of files by email. You want to upload several large files to NOW or Dropbox. Or simply, your PC or network storage space is running low.

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