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Using cell comments in Excel (6)

Office Tips & Tricks: Ctrl G in Outlook Calendar


This week, we visited colleagues at our Brackenhurst campus to share some tips for using Outlook more efficiently.
We showed them various nifty Outlook tips including Quick Steps and Clutter.

Using cell comments in Excel (17)

Office Tips & Tricks: Alt key tips (all Office programs)


If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, then this handy tip is for you.
Did you know, if you press the Alt key, letters appear over every item on the ribbon?  Just tap the relevant key to activate that option.

Using cell comments in Excel (14)

Office Tips & Tricks: 2016 Round-Up


It’s almost the end of another year full of ups and downs. 2016 will certainly be remembered as a year of major worldwide events.

Outlooks clutter tool

Office Tips & Tricks: Outlook’s Clutter tool


Wasting time deleting email messages you don’t want to read?  Outlook’s Clutter tool can help you filter out unwanted or low priority messages from your Inbox.

Love (of technology)

Office Tips & Tricks: Ignoring unwanted conversations in Outlook


Do you find your Outlook inbox filling up with irrelevant email conversations from mailing lists you’re subscribed to?  Do your colleagues make too much use of the Reply to All button?
Then cut down on unwanted messages with Outlook’s

Save time sending an email to all students on your module


Have you ever needed to send an Outlook email to all students on your module? And then spent ages adding their email addresses to the To or Bcc field from the Outlook address directory.

Rules (8)

Office Tips & Tricks: Changing the weather with Outlook calendar


Rain, snow, wind, temperature: it’s well documented that we Brits are obsessed with the weather.  According to an article by The Telegraph, ‘…almost 70% of British people check the weather forecast at least once a day.

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Office Tips & Tricks: 2015 Round-up


It’s almost the end of another year… The perfect opportunity to review the Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks we’ve shared with you during 2015. So grab a cup of tea and mince pie and take a few minutes to read our round-up.


Office Tips & Tricks: Creating easy charts and diagrams with SmartArt


Having trouble creating diagrams and models in your Microsoft Office documents?
Then SmartArt could be just what you need to help you create professional looking graphics to grab your audience’s attention.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Save time with email templates in Outlook


Do you create and send emails containing the same text over and over again?  If so, it might be worth taking a few minutes to set up an email template.

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