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Using cell comments in Excel (16)

Electronic storage: options for storing and collaborating


The advent of cloud storage has meant that there is now a confusing array of locations to store our electronic documents. It’s often hard to know what’s the most suitable place, especially at work.

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Office 365 Tips & Tricks #5: Collaborating


In my previous Office 365 posts I have explained what Office 365 is and how to easily share documents with others.
Today, we’ll be looking at how to collaborate on documents saved to OneDrive Nottingham Trent University.

OneDrive to NOW

NOW Tips and Tricks: Adding Files to Content in NOW from OneDrive – Nottingham Trent University


Did you know that the option to upload files from OneDrive – Nottingham Trent University is available when adding resources to the Content Tool in NOW, helping to make resources available quickly regardless of where you are working from.

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New event: Getting to Grips with Office 365


Have you heard about the Centre for Professional Learning and Development’s (CPLD) new event: Getting to Grips With Office 365?
It’s suitable for all NTU colleagues, and looks at the essentials of Office 365 including:

What is Office 36

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Office 365 Tips & Tricks #3: Finding OneDrive and OneDrive for Business


In my previous Office 365 posts I have explained what Office 365 is and the difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

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Office 365 Tips & Tricks #2: OneDrive? Or OneDrive for Business?


In my last Office 365 blog post, I mentioned that OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are the names of the cloud storage* areas which come with Office 365. (*Cloud storage is a way of saving information safely and securely to the web.

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Office 365 Tips and Tricks #1: So what exactly is Office 365?


Here at Nottingham Trent University, we’ve been rolling out Office 365 for our staff.