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Using Subtotal to create paging for grouped data

A feature of the Subtotal TOOL is the ability to also group your data into a form ready for printing. For example, let’s say you have a lot of records that you want to separate by one of the fields in the records.

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COUNTIF: a powerful filtering function

Excel has a great filtering ability which allows you to filter down by multiple criteria .

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Office Tips & Tricks: Alt key tips (all Office programs)


If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, then this handy tip is for you.
Did you know, if you press the Alt key, letters appear over every item on the ribbon?  Just tap the relevant key to activate that option.

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Office Tips & Tricks: 2016 Round-Up


It’s almost the end of another year full of ups and downs. 2016 will certainly be remembered as a year of major worldwide events.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Switch off slide numbering in PowerPoint


Making a PowerPoint presentation interesting and engaging is essential for keeping your audience focused.
Using slide numbering can often have the opposite effect, especially if your presentation consists of many slides.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Symbols & special characters in Word


Wondering how to add special characters such as Trademark or mathematical symbols into your Word document?
Microsoft provide a wide range of symbols and special characters that you can use in your Word documents (and other Microsoft programs such as

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Office Tips & Tricks: Remove Duplicates in Excel


A common problem when working with Excel spreadsheets is duplicate data.  If your spreadsheet contains duplicate entries you’ll probably want to clean it up so it doesn’t impact on calculations, tables etc.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Add Alt Text description to PowerPoint images


What is Alt Text?
Alt Text is short for alternative text.  Alt Text can be digitally attached to PowerPoint images to briefly explain what the image is.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Vertical text in Word


Wouldn’t it be useful to sometimes be able to create vertical text when creating a spine label, or when labelling cells in a Word table?
Word does indeed allow you to type text vertically either using a text box or cells in a table.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Excel – copy & paste only visible cells


Working with Excel spreadsheets containing hidden rows or columns?
Recently we had a query from our colleague, Trevor, who has a spreadsheet with hidden rows and columns and wanted to copy and paste only visible cells onto a new worksheet.

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