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Digital Framework

What is the NTU Digital Framework?


When NTU worked with the Changing the Learning Landscape programme we focused on eliciting how we could move forward with ensuring Digital Literacy was a core competence for both staff and students.

Collection image by Kirill Ulitin from the Noun Project

Digital Practice in October


A busy start to the academic year has meant that’s it’s been a while since we’ve done a round up of what’s been happening on the blog and in the Digital Practice team.


Three sources of free photos for everyone


Photos, icons, illustrations, logos…
Images are great; they can bring your work to life or express a concept in an instant, and there are lots available out there on the internet.

XO Tablet by Wayan Vota CC BY_NC_SA 2.0

Radio 4 three-part series: My Teacher is an App


Radio 4 explores how technology is transforming education
My Teacher is an App explores the changes in educational approaches in schools and universities as a result of the increased use of technology.

microlearning with twitter

Daily social micro-learning with Twitter


How about getting involved in a daily social-learning activity?

It’s happening in Twitter and is a really convenient way to learn and share something new every day in less than 15 mins, and make new connections, too!  It’s being run by The Cen

The recipe for learning? A bite-sized lunch


CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Alex Aylar
If an App Swap Breakfast isn’t for you then perhaps something Bite Size is. In a day full of interesting presentations at the UCISA Changing Landscapes event this is the one that piqued my interest the most.

The recipe for learning? App swap breakfast


CC BY-SA 4.0 University of Brighton
Pedagogy, mobile devices and learning discourse over breakfast
What is an App Swap Breakfast?
An idea from the University of Brighton.

Wordle image of digital literacy

Using the Digital Practice Framework


Previously, I’ve written about a new Digital Practice Framework that we’ve been putting in place within the Digital Practice team.

Twitter for teaching: 1. Getting started


In this series, we’ll give practical examples of how you can use Twitter in your teaching to support learning.  We’ll start at the beginning: Getting started with Twitter.

Moving forward with Changing the Learning Landscape Projects


The last couple of weeks have been a busy period with our Changing the Learning Landscape projects.
We’ve successfully recruited two student Digital Skill Mentors to work with Jane Challinor on her SCALE-Up module.

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