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Want to know more about using digital technology but short of time…


..then come along to CPLD’s  Digital Taster Event at Clifton campus on Wednesday, 16 November. The event is open to all NTU staff.

Digital Taster Menu

Office 365.
Smarten up your NOW homepage.
Office Mix.

Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016

Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016


Jane Hart has recently released the 10th version of this annual list.

Watch YouTube or Vimeo video frame by frame

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Have you ever wanted to show your video to students frame by frame to explain a particular process?  You can do it very easily with a free online service called Anilyzer.

Simply go to anilyzer.

How to find a person’s NTU username in Outlook


At a staff development session that Rachel and I delivered today we mentioned a method that can be used to find out a person’s NTU username in Outlook.

Create a link to a specific moment in a YouTube video


If you are using YouTube for learning and teaching activities, you are probably familiar with inserting a link to an online video into your PowerPoint presentation, Word document or a NOW learning room content page.


You have a student ID number, how can you send them an email?


A couple of months ago I wrote a post on how to send an email to all students on a module by just entering their module code in Outlook.
I ran an Office surgery today and met Amy Fines who works in NBS.

2 free tools to notify you of changes to website content


I used to follow a website that published periodic newsletters and sent emails whenever a new document was added.

Save time sending an email to all students on your module


Have you ever needed to send an Outlook email to all students on your module? And then spent ages adding their email addresses to the To or Bcc field from the Outlook address directory.

I’ve closed a file without saving it – can I get my document back?


It probably happened to us all – we are often juggling a lot of tasks and doing numerous things at the same time…
…You’ve been working on a document for a long time and did not save it periodically as you progressed wit


Technology Tips and Tricks: 29 Adobe Software Applications For Free


Do you record and edit audio files for your online course materials with Adobe Audacity? Or create images using Photoshop or Illustrator? … You have all these applications on your office PC but wish you could have them at home when you a

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