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Using cell comments in Excel (10)

Google Doodles

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Loading up Google recently, my eye was caught by the Google Doodle celebrating the Juno satellite’s amazing 5 year, 500 million mile journey to Jupiter.
I’ve long enjoyed a Google Doodle; considering them to be mini works of art.

Digital Footprint FOR BLOG

Guest blog: Digital Footprints by Cami Makunganya


This week we are delighted to welcome Cami Makunganya, a Year 10 student who is spending a week here at NTU on work experience.  We challenged him to research and write a guest blog post about Digital Footprints.

Digital practice January round up

Digital Practice Round-Up


It’s a new year and the Digital Practice team are off to a great start, offering up some useful goodies and tips and tricks.

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Improve your Googling skills: Part II


Apart from the obvious, i.e. searching for internet pages, you can use Google as a dictionary, calculator, countdown timer, to find your IP address, etc.

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Improve your Googling skills: Part I


Have you ever searched for something on the internet and not been able to find what you need or ended up with too many search results? If so, here are a few tips on how to use punctuation marks and search operators to refine your search in Google.