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NTU study: Small words in an email can reveal a person’s identity


Dr David Wright, an expert in forensic linguistics from Nottingham Trent University’s School of Arts and Humanities has conducted a study examining thousands of emails to show it’s possible to identify someone by analysing small sequences of

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3 tried and tested ways you can increase readership of your emails and online content


Is no one opening your emails? Are your blog posts going unread? Are you getting no clicks on twitter?
Then it could be as simple as not getting the title right.

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Office Tips and Tricks: Save time with Group Contact Lists in Outlook


Does it take you ages to type in multiple email addresses when sending out an email to a group of students?  Do you find the Group Distribution List mailing addresses provided via NTU’s Outlook address book don’t always meet your needs?  P

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Office Tips and Tricks: Using Rules in Outlook


Rules can help you manage your Outlook inbox by automatically taking some action when certain emails arrive in your mailbox.
For example, you can create a rule to automatically move a message received from a specified person, into a certain folder.