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Using cell comments in Excel (1)

Office Tips & Tricks: Create a Microsoft Form


Microsoft Forms is a program within Office 365 (Education) that enables you to create custom quizzes, surveys and questionnaires. You can then invite others to respond (using any browser and using mobile devices).

Using cell comments in Excel (19)

Office Tips & Tricks: Create a group in Yammer


Yammer is a private social network that helps you network with others within your organisation, share information across teams, and organise projects or working groups.

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New Support for the Digital Framework


The Digital Framework was introduced at NTU last year and we’ve been pulling together a range of resources and support to help colleagues use the Framework, whether as a personal CPD tool, or as a method to analyse skills in teams or support c

vertical text in word

Office Tips & Tricks: Vertical text in Word


Wouldn’t it be useful to sometimes be able to create vertical text when creating a spine label, or when labelling cells in a Word table?
Word does indeed allow you to type text vertically either using a text box or cells in a table.

copy and paste visible cells in excel

Office Tips & Tricks: Excel – copy & paste only visible cells


Working with Excel spreadsheets containing hidden rows or columns?
Recently we had a query from our colleague, Trevor, who has a spreadsheet with hidden rows and columns and wanted to copy and paste only visible cells onto a new worksheet.

Loop a PowerPoint

Office Tips & Tricks: Loop a presentation in PowerPoint

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Ever wondered how to get your PowerPoint presentation to continuously loop? This function is useful for general announcements, marketing or an ‘infomercial’ display.

Outlooks clutter tool

Office Tips & Tricks: Outlook’s Clutter tool


Wasting time deleting email messages you don’t want to read?  Outlook’s Clutter tool can help you filter out unwanted or low priority messages from your Inbox.

Using cell comments in Excel (3)

OER16: Open Culture conference @ the University of Edinburgh


Last week I spent a sunny two days at the OER16: Open Culture Conference hosted by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) at the University of Edinburgh.

Waverley Station & Princes Street, Edinburgh   Image by R.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Word Styles


Do you create documents with headings, sub-headings and different font styles?  Are you using Word’s Styles feature to ensure consistency throughout?
Word Styles is (in my opinion) a much under-used feature even though it sits in plain sight o

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Get involved in Safer Internet Day 9 February 2016


Did you know that Tuesday 9 February 2016 is Safer Internet Day?

What is Safer Internet Day?
Beginning as a European initiative, Safer Internet Day (SID) is now celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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