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vertical text in word

Office Tips & Tricks: Vertical text in Word


Wouldn’t it be useful to sometimes be able to create vertical text when creating a spine label, or when labelling cells in a Word table?
Word does indeed allow you to type text vertically either using a text box or cells in a table.

copy and paste visible cells in excel

Office Tips & Tricks: Excel – copy & paste only visible cells


Working with Excel spreadsheets containing hidden rows or columns?
Recently we had a query from our colleague, Trevor, who has a spreadsheet with hidden rows and columns and wanted to copy and paste only visible cells onto a new worksheet.

Loop a PowerPoint

Office Tips & Tricks: Loop a presentation in PowerPoint

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Ever wondered how to get your PowerPoint presentation to continuously loop? This function is useful for general announcements, marketing or an ‘infomercial’ display.

printing letters-attr

Office Tips & Tricks: Word Styles


Do you create documents with headings, sub-headings and different font styles?  Are you using Word’s Styles feature to ensure consistency throughout?
Word Styles is (in my opinion) a much under-used feature even though it sits in plain sight o

badges blog

Congratulations, open badges and NTU’s Creating Engaging Course Materials programme


Many congratulations to NTU colleagues Jessica Willats and Lina Erlandsson who this week became the first to successfully complete CPLD’s Creating Engaging Course Materials programme, gaining several digital Open Badges along the way.

Digital Framework

What is the NTU Digital Framework?


When NTU worked with the Changing the Learning Landscape programme we focused on eliciting how we could move forward with ensuring Digital Literacy was a core competence for both staff and students.

Rules (1)

Passwords – are yours strong enough?

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Are any of the following passwords familiar to you?
These were the top 5  most common passwords used in 2014 (based on data published in SplashData’s annual Worst Passwords list).

SEDA Annual Conference 2014


This was my first SEDA conference so it was a new experience and an opportunity to meet some new faces.

Collection image by Kirill Ulitin from the Noun Project

Digital Practice in October


A busy start to the academic year has meant that’s it’s been a while since we’ve done a round up of what’s been happening on the blog and in the Digital Practice team.

Quote: Games have so much freedom

Gamification: Fad, or future?


When was the last time you played a game?  Games of all types both traditional and electronic have an enduring appeal for many of us.

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