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Using cell comments in Excel (7)

Office Tips & Tricks: OneNote’s Class Notebook


Recently I’ve been chatting with academic colleagues about using OneNote’s Class Notebook available from the Office 365 homepage, for tutorial or personal tutor scenarios.

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Using Subtotal to create paging for grouped data

A feature of the Subtotal TOOL is the ability to also group your data into a form ready for printing. For example, let’s say you have a lot of records that you want to separate by one of the fields in the records.

Digital Framework

Have a go at assessing your digital competencies online


You may already know that at the beginning of this term we have launched the NTU Digital Framework learning room in NOW:

to support staff in their development of digital competencies and
to provide guidance on the Framework for those involve

Using cell comments in Excel (5)

Office Tips & Tricks: Split Excel data into 2 columns


Working with an Excel column of full names, but wishing you’d set this up as two separate columns? Luckily there’s an Excel trick to help you do this.

Using cell comments in Excel (23)

Office Tips & Tricks: Get organised with Planner

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What is Planner?
Planner allows you to create an electronic Board (1) where you can add Buckets (2) and pin electronic cards (3) to your lists.

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COUNTIF: a powerful filtering function

Excel has a great filtering ability which allows you to filter down by multiple criteria .

Using cell comments in Excel (19)

Office Tips & Tricks: Create a group in Yammer


Yammer is a private social network that helps you network with others within your organisation, share information across teams, and organise projects or working groups.

Using cell comments in Excel (18)

Office Tips & Tricks: Create a Sway using a topic


If you’re an Office 365 user, you may have noticed Microsoft Sway.
What is Sway?
Sway is a digital storytelling program/app useful for creating visual and interactive reports, presentations and stories.

Using cell comments in Excel (22)

Exploring Mobile Apps for Learning,Teaching & Assessment – February 2017 event round-up


Today saw the first of our 2017 staff development events on Exploring Mobile Apps for Learning, Teaching & Assessment (previously Appy Hour).

Using cell comments in Excel (20)

Office Tips & Tricks: Master documents in Word


Do you work with long Word documents containing text pulled from different sub-documents? If so, did you know that in Word you can create a master document to make this process easier?
What is a master document?
A master document is essentiall

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