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Discovering the Digital You


What’s your best digital habit?
Keeping a tidy inbox? Knowing when to switch off your devices?
And what about your worst? – Don’t worry I’m not going to ask!
But if you’re keen to know what your real digital strengths ar


Hello I’m new…..


First day? Feeling nervous?
Do you remember how it felt when you first came to a new organisation and there was that mixture of excitement and nervousness about starting your new job? Or perhaps it was the same organisation but a new role.

Learn with


From this academic year all NTU staff and students can use  for free! If you haven’t yet heard about, then please read on.
What is

Using cell comments in Excel (10)

Office Tips & Tricks: Remix! and formatting with Sway


If you’ve used Sway, Microsoft’s visual storytelling/presentation program you’ll know that its auto-formatting function can be a great time saver.

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Office Tips & Tricks: 5 ways to use Yammer


Interested in using Yammer but not sure where to start?
Here are five ideas to get you started using Yammer whether it’s for learning, teaching or assessment, within a group or as an individual user:

Ask for feedback: Tell people what you̵

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Office Tips & Tricks: Adding a video to a Sway


If you’ve already explored Microsoft Sway, you’ll know that this digital storytelling package loves visuals. You can add images, but did you know it’s also easy to add video too?
From the Cards pane, just select a Video card.

Digital Framework

Have a go at assessing your digital competencies online


You may already know that at the beginning of this term we have launched the NTU Digital Framework learning room in NOW:

to support staff in their development of digital competencies and
to provide guidance on the Framework for those involve

Using cell comments in Excel

Office Tips & Tricks: Convert handwritten equations to text in Excel 2016


If you’ve upgraded to Office 2016 and are lucky enough to have a touchscreen laptop or tablet you can now handwrite equations which are then converted to typed text.

Using cell comments in Excel (17)

Office Tips & Tricks: Alt key tips (all Office programs)


If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, then this handy tip is for you.
Did you know, if you press the Alt key, letters appear over every item on the ribbon?  Just tap the relevant key to activate that option.

String spelling out New

Support for Curriculum Refresh and the NTU Digital Framework

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The launch of the Curriculum Refresh microsite recently was the first opportunity to highlight a new set of resources that CPLD have produced to support the NTU Digital Framework.

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