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Using cell comments in Excel (4)

Office Tips & Tricks: Adding a video to a Sway


If you’ve already explored Microsoft Sway, you’ll know that this digital storytelling package loves visuals. You can add images, but did you know it’s also easy to add video too?
From the Cards pane, just select a Video card.

Using cell comments in Excel (3)

OER16: Open Culture conference @ the University of Edinburgh


Last week I spent a sunny two days at the OER16: Open Culture Conference hosted by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) at the University of Edinburgh.

Waverley Station & Princes Street, Edinburgh   Image by R.

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Office Tips and Tricks: Using an image as a slide background in PowerPoint


Looking for different ways of using slide backgrounds? Using an image as a background can create impact and interest – particularly for a title slide.

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Google Search Education


In 2006 the verb ‘Google’ appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary along with the definition “…To enter (a search term) into the Google search engine to find information on the Internet; to search for information about (a person or thing) in

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28 Ways to Spice Up Your Content in NOW


Do you need some inspiration for providing learning materials in NOW?  Are you interested in the flipped classroom approach and want to provide more content online?
Here are 28 ideas for providing content through NOW using text, pictures, sound, vid


Three sources of free photos for everyone


Photos, icons, illustrations, logos…
Images are great; they can bring your work to life or express a concept in an instant, and there are lots available out there on the internet.