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Support for Curriculum Refresh and the NTU Digital Framework

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The launch of the Curriculum Refresh microsite recently was the first opportunity to highlight a new set of resources that CPLD have produced to support the NTU Digital Framework.

My Media Files in NOW

Lecture capture is here with My Media Files


Acting on student feedback from the NTSU, lecture capture equipment has been installed into all teaching rooms with a capacity of at least 50 students. The system is based on audio recording that links to PowerPoint or other visuals.

Using cell comments in Excel

Office Tips & Tricks: Using cell comments in Excel


Did you know that there’s an easy way to make Excel data more meaningful? Adding cell comments means you can provide the spreadsheet user with additional information.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Word Styles


Do you create documents with headings, sub-headings and different font styles?  Are you using Word’s Styles feature to ensure consistency throughout?
Word Styles is (in my opinion) a much under-used feature even though it sits in plain sight o

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Congratulations, open badges and NTU’s Creating Engaging Course Materials programme


Many congratulations to NTU colleagues Jessica Willats and Lina Erlandsson who this week became the first to successfully complete CPLD’s Creating Engaging Course Materials programme, gaining several digital Open Badges along the way.

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New event: Getting to Grips with Office 365


Have you heard about the Centre for Professional Learning and Development’s (CPLD) new event: Getting to Grips With Office 365?
It’s suitable for all NTU colleagues, and looks at the essentials of Office 365 including:

What is Office 36

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Office Tips and Tricks: working with longer documents


It’s dissertation season again, and here at CPLD we’ve been giving out lots of advice on formatting those longer documents.
Section breaks are what you need If you want to use both Roman numerals and ordinal page numbers in the same document.

Digital Practice March Round Up

Digital Practice Round-Up


So, spring has definitely sprung with a slightly later than usual Digital Practice Round-Up due to the Easter break.  Hence without any further ado a review of what was happening in March, a packed month on the Digital Practice blog.

Digital practice January round up

Digital Practice Round-Up


It’s a new year and the Digital Practice team are off to a great start, offering up some useful goodies and tips and tricks.

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Office Tips and Tricks: Superscript and Subscript in Word


Ever wondered how you can correctly type mathematical formulae and chemical symbols instead of  ‘water’ being written as H2O or ‘3 squared’ as 32?  Then you need to know about superscript and subscript.

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