Using cell comments in Excel (20)

Office Tips & Tricks: Master documents in Word


Do you work with long Word documents containing text pulled from different sub-documents? If so, did you know that in Word you can create a master document to make this process easier?
What is a master document?
A master document is essentiall

Using Yammer to communicate with students

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If you log on to Office 365 and open Yammer, you will see that more and more staff are now using this app – either for cross team collaboration or for exchanging information with students and enabling them to communicate with each other.

Using cell comments in Excel (15)

Office Tips & Tricks: Sparklines (mini charts) in Excel


If you like to represent your Excel data visually, you might be interested in using sparklines.
So what is a sparkline?
A sparkline is a mini-chart which is displayed within a single worksheet cell of your choice.

Using cell comments in Excel (14)

Office Tips & Tricks: 2016 Round-Up


It’s almost the end of another year full of ups and downs. 2016 will certainly be remembered as a year of major worldwide events.

Using cell comments in Excel (12)

Office Tips & Tricks: Create random text


When trying out different layouts in a Word document, or designing webpages, it’s useful to be able to quickly generate some random text, rather than having to type in your own.

String spelling out New

Support for Curriculum Refresh and the NTU Digital Framework

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The launch of the Curriculum Refresh microsite recently was the first opportunity to highlight a new set of resources that CPLD have produced to support the NTU Digital Framework.

Tips (H)and Tricks

NOW Tips and Tricks: 2014 to 2016 review


As we come to the end of 2016 its a tradition to look back and produce a review of what the previous year had brought.

Personalise by using Replace Strings

NOW Tips and Tricks: Personalise News Items and other communications in NOW


Simple phrases known as Replace Strings can be added to personalise communications in NOW by inserting these directly into the text.


My Media Files – Set and Forget or Choose to Use?


To help you make this choice two comparison documents are available for My Media Files comparing Set and Forget with Choose to Use, one is focused on the general aspects around recording, viewing and editing:-

Whist the other compares the recordin

Using cell comments in Excel (11)

Office Tips & Tricks: Switch off slide numbering in PowerPoint


Making a PowerPoint presentation interesting and engaging is essential for keeping your audience focused.
Using slide numbering can often have the opposite effect, especially if your presentation consists of many slides.

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