Using cell comments in Excel (6)

Office Tips & Tricks: Add Alt Text description to PowerPoint images


What is Alt Text?
Alt Text is short for alternative text.  Alt Text can be digitally attached to PowerPoint images to briefly explain what the image is.

Using cell comments in Excel (10)

Google Doodles

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Loading up Google recently, my eye was caught by the Google Doodle celebrating the Juno satellite’s amazing 5 year, 500 million mile journey to Jupiter.
I’ve long enjoyed a Google Doodle; considering them to be mini works of art.

Pebbles embedded in cement

NOW Tips and Tricks: Embedding Twitter timelines now even easier


The process of getting embed code for a number of differing types of Twitter feeds has become simpler, this code can then be used for featuring twitter content in a NOW learning room.
The Twitter hosted URL  https://publish.twitter.

Using cell comments in Excel (9)

Office Tips & Tricks: Split your screen view


Ever wished you had a second monitor so you could work on two different documents side by side or view your Outlook emails and calendar at the same time?
For Windows 7 users, you can make the most of a single monitor by using your keyboard to achieve

Watch YouTube or Vimeo video frame by frame

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Have you ever wanted to show your video to students frame by frame to explain a particular process?  You can do it very easily with a free online service called Anilyzer.

Simply go to anilyzer.

Did you know that most YouTube videos have subtitles?


Did you know that most YouTube videos have subtitles and that you can switch on automatic translation into other languages? Well, the latter still requires major improvements – I tried it with various languages I know – but it can be better than

vertical text in word

Office Tips & Tricks: Vertical text in Word


Wouldn’t it be useful to sometimes be able to create vertical text when creating a spine label, or when labelling cells in a Word table?
Word does indeed allow you to type text vertically either using a text box or cells in a table.

Tick complete

NOW Tips and Tricks: New NOW Release Conditions with a NOT operator


Recent enhancements to NOW have seen the introduction of a new set of release conditions which support a NOT operator.

Clapper board

Panopto Regional Conference – July 2016


I recently attended a half day conference held at the University of Derby which included a number of interesting presentations around current lecture capture practice.

How to find a person’s NTU username in Outlook


At a staff development session that Rachel and I delivered today we mentioned a method that can be used to find out a person’s NTU username in Outlook.

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