Image of a Samsung Galaxy Note and iPad tablets with ribbons and bows to look like gifts

New! Getting to grips with your mobile device


Do you know someone who got a new tablet or smartphone for Christmas?  If so, they might be interested in some new events from CPLD.
The first hour-long session provides some useful hints and tips for new users.

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Office Tips & Tricks: changing the weather with Outlook Calendar


It’s well documented that here in Britain we are obsessed with the weather.  According to this article by The Telegraph, ‘…almost 70% of British people check the weather forecast at least once a day.

Digital Practice Round Up

Digital Practice in December


A brief final round-up for this year before we all head off for the winter break. So a quick chance to review the month and to look forward to the New Year….

APPy Hour Dec

December APPy Hour review


There were nine Apps featured in this month’s late afternoon APPy event starting with Canva a tool for creating graphics for any purpose, including social media and infographics.

superscript featured image

Office Tips and Tricks: Superscript and Subscript in Word


Ever wondered how you can correctly type mathematical formulae and chemical symbols instead of  ‘water’ being written as H2O or ‘3 squared’ as 32?  Then you need to know about superscript and subscript.

categories featured image proper size

Office Tips and Tricks: Using categories in Outlook


Are you spending ages fruitlessly searching for emails, calendar appointments or tasks in Outlook? Using the Categories function allows you to assign a Category colour for use right across Outlook.

NOW Tips & Tricks December / January


We have two suggestions this month for tracking student progress and use of learning room content.

Collection designed by Kirill Ulitin from the Noun Project

Digital Practice in November


The weather has, at last, decided to feel wintry and the advent calendar is showing how long you have to go before the Christmas break.

APPy Hour logo

APPy Hour review


Digital Practice’s first APPy hour event was held recently and with suitable breakfast refreshments provided for the 8.

apple tv blog image

Apple TV at NTU


So what is Apple TV?
Apple TV is a system which allows you to connect an Apple device (ipad, iphone or Mac) to the presenter screen thereby allowing others to view the screen cast.

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