Rubrics: staff development session on using the NOW Rubrics tool with Dropbox folders


The first pilot session on Rubrics, Creating Marking Grids with the NOW Rubrics Tool, was delivered on the 18th of April.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Inserting a functioning webpage into your PowerPoint slide using Office Mix


Ever wished PowerPoint could be more interactive?  The new Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013 (which appears as an extra tab) enables you to easily add interactive functions to your presentation.

NOW Tips and Tricks: Anonymous Marking via Dropbox

NOW Tips and Tricks: Anonymous Marking via Dropbox


If you want to assess student’s work anonymously then the anonymous marking feature in NOW will allow you to do this.

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OneNote feature: Creating Links to individual paragraph locations

By using Insert > Link in OneNote it’s easy to add a link to another webpage and OneNote sections or pages. But how can you link to a specific location ON the page? Here’s how.

Rubrics: staff development sessions on a new NOW tool for assessment and feedback


If you attended the NTU Elearning Showcase yesterday, the 4th of April, you may have heard a presentation by Peter Bowcott from CADBE and Louise Taylor from BLSS about their experiences using the Rubrics tool in NOW to create electronic marki

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Office Tips & Tricks: Ignoring unwanted conversations in Outlook


Do you find your Outlook inbox filling up with irrelevant email conversations from mailing lists you’re subscribed to?  Do your colleagues make too much use of the Reply to All button?
Then cut down on unwanted messages with Outlook’s


Office Tricks & Tips: Pivot tables in 5 minutes

Pivot tables are an Excel topic that many people say they have heard about but are not sure about; some are even a little nervous about them. Here is a view of what Pivots can do for you.

Save time sending an email to all students on your module


Have you ever needed to send an Outlook email to all students on your module? And then spent ages adding their email addresses to the To or Bcc field from the Outlook address directory.


Elearning Showcase 2016


This year’s event focuses on emerging practice at NTU, highlighting successful, shareable examples of technology-enabled learning, teaching and assessment, from across the institution.

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Office Tips & Tricks: Using table of contents in Word


Working on a dissertation or long document in Word? Then read this post to find out how to save time searching through long documents by adding a Table of Contents.

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