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Office Tips & Tricks: Using table of contents in Word


Working on a dissertation or long document in Word? Then read this post to find out how to save time searching through long documents by adding a Table of Contents.

Using Groups in NOW

NOW Tips and Tricks: Using Groups


Did you know you can use the Groups tool to create specific group work areas for your students?
This approach can help make targeted communications, Content resource availability, Discussion space, Dropbox and file sharing easier to manage.

I’ve closed a file without saving it – can I get my document back?


It probably happened to us all – we are often juggling a lot of tasks and doing numerous things at the same time…
…You’ve been working on a document for a long time and did not save it periodically as you progressed wit

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Office Tips & Tricks: Validate Excel data to make drop down menus


Do you create spreadsheets for other people to use? Did you know it’s really easy to create a drop-down menu of selections to choose in particular cells?
To create drop down menu selections:

Highlight the cell, go to the Data tab, and cli

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Get involved in Safer Internet Day 9 February 2016


Did you know that Tuesday 9 February 2016 is Safer Internet Day?

What is Safer Internet Day?
Beginning as a European initiative, Safer Internet Day (SID) is now celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide.

How to embed a BOS survey into NOW

NOW Tips and Tricks: Embedding a BOS Survey


This tip and trick follows on from an earlier Blog post written by Elena Kharbarova highlighting the availability of the free Bristol Online Survey tool (BOS) within NTU.


Technology Tips and Tricks: 29 Adobe Software Applications For Free


Do you record and edit audio files for your online course materials with Adobe Audacity? Or create images using Photoshop or Illustrator? … You have all these applications on your office PC but wish you could have them at home when you a

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Office Tips & Tricks: Interactive quizzes in PowerPoint with Office Mix


Ever wished PowerPoint could be more interactive?  The new Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint (which appears as an extra tab) enables you to easily add interactive functions to your presentation.

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NOW Tips and Tricks : now easier to find


NOW tips and tricks can be found directly from the home page when you login to NOW, just click on either of the two links from within the Staff Tool widget to be taken directly to the latest helpful guide or an archive of previous tips and tricks.

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The Dawn of the Unread is upon us!


Interested in Zombies, Nottingham literary figures, past and present, raising literacy levels and assessment approaches? You need to read this post by James Walker,  senior lecturer in digital humanities at NTU and editor of Dawn of the Unread.

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