Learning at work

Learning at work

How do other UK universities use Lynda.com__

How do other UK universities use Lynda.com?


Lynda.com is ready to use at NTU and has been a available for a few months.  You maybe exploring Lynda.

Using cell comments in Excel (13)

Using Lynda.com in teaching

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Interested in using Lynda.com for teaching but not sure where to start?
Lynda.com provides a handy course entitled Teaching with Lynda.com.  The full course is just over an hour long, but you can of course skip to the bits most relevant to you.

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Discovering the Digital You


What’s your best digital habit?
Keeping a tidy inbox? Knowing when to switch off your devices?
And what about your worst? – Don’t worry I’m not going to ask!
But if you’re keen to know what your real digital strengths ar


Hello I’m new…..


First day? Feeling nervous?
Do you remember how it felt when you first came to a new organisation and there was that mixture of excitement and nervousness about starting your new job? Or perhaps it was the same organisation but a new role.

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Lynda.com sharing Playlists


In our last Lynda.com themed post, we talked about using Playlists to curate meaningful content.

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Lynda.com creating Playlists


If you’ve already explored Lynda.com you’ll know there is a vast amount of content to choose from.

How to search in Lynda.com

How to search in Lynda.com


Following on from the introductory post Learn with Lynda.com, this blog post focuses on how you can search for specific videos you are looking to participate in or use.

Learn with Lynda.com


From this academic year all NTU staff and students can use Lynda.com  for free! If you haven’t yet heard about Lynda.com, then please read on.
What is Lynda.com?

header pivots

Extending pivot tables with Conditional Formatting

Because pivot tables exist as values in cells once you have created them you can then apply conditional formatting to their results to further clarify their summaries for your viewers.

Tips (H)and Tricks

NOW Tips and Tricks: 2014 to 2016 review


As we come to the end of 2016 its a tradition to look back and produce a review of what the previous year had brought.

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