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Extending pivot tables with Conditional Formatting

Because pivot tables exist as values in cells once you have created them you can then apply conditional formatting to their results to further clarify their summaries for your viewers.

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Using Subtotal to create paging for grouped data

A feature of the Subtotal TOOL is the ability to also group your data into a form ready for printing. For example, let’s say you have a lot of records that you want to separate by one of the fields in the records.

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Transpose: creating vertical data from horizontal data (& vice versa)

- can be used to convert your current vertically formatted data into horizontally formatted data and vice versa. In this example we see the ‘horizontal’ data transposed to a ‘vertical’ format.

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Adobe FORMS: create an interactive PDF form for submission

Amongst the advantages of the PDF format is the ability to exist as individual files that can be printed and sent as email attachments. With Adobe Acrobat DC you can now edit PDF files and include interactive elements that can capture user responses.

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COUNTIF: a powerful filtering function

Excel has a great filtering ability which allows you to filter down by multiple criteria .

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OneNote feature: Creating Links to individual paragraph locations

By using Insert > Link in OneNote it’s easy to add a link to another webpage and OneNote sections or pages. But how can you link to a specific location ON the page? Here’s how.


Office Tricks & Tips: Pivot tables in 5 minutes

Pivot tables are an Excel topic that many people say they have heard about but are not sure about; some are even a little nervous about them. Here is a view of what Pivots can do for you.

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Office tips & tricks: using Conditional Formatting to auto track event dates

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In this example we look at how to get Excel’s inbuilt date functions to automatically signal expired or soon to expire event.
This is a moderately advanced topic but is an especially useful method for tracking a date value over time.

Great suggestions for using video in your teaching


Our colleagues at York’s St Johns University have published excellent resources on their blog.

Moving personal OneNote notebooks to NTU’s OneDrive

Here are two methods  for moving a notebook from your personal OneDrive to the OneDrive for Business version of OneNote.

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